Monday, June 18, 2007

Community Lawn

You may or may not live where there are actual rules, ordinances, laws governing your lawn. It's just grass. How can so many people be concerned about grass, especially when it's not theirs?

Ah, but it affects us all, doesn't it?

Take my neighbors, for instance. They thought they were being smart. They had come up with a sneaky way to avoid having to mow the lawn every three days all spring and summer long. (YES, it really does grow that fast around here! Just one of the Benefits of building on FARMLAND). Anyway, my brilliant neighbors, who don't even own the land they DECIMATED by dumping or spraying something, probably gasoline, maybe only vinegar, who knows? They were living easy on their brown patch of DEAD EARTH in the middle of our golf course green neighborhood.

It looked like a toxic waste dump. And then its brown death started to creep onto the next lawn. And then the weeds poked through, cause you can't kill weeds. Especially ones that grow on farms.

Now I ask you, would you rather live next to a toxic waste dump or an overgrown patch of weeds? Sure there were no snakes hiding in the dead grass of the toxic waste dump, but we actually haven't seen any snakes around here since the Chili's restaurant opened nearby. (just a coincidence, I'm sure)

Anyway, word eventually got round to the actual owner of the property. I saw him over there this weekend, supervising his tenants as they dug up every bit of dead brown grass in the front lawn. In the hot summer sun, while temps reached the high 90's.

And now they have to spend the rest of the summer watering their new grass. And mowing it.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Maybe they could spray paint the ground green and pretend they have grass. Somedays that's what I feel like doing!

Patti said...