Friday, June 15, 2007

Wake Happy

Never read Newseek and Time right before bed.

Sometimes I just can't stop myself from reading whatever is in front of me, and somehow those two mags ended up on my nightstand (whisked away from the living room, should've just trashed them!). Death, destruction, how corrupt our government is, what a totally sucky world we live in. Yay, go to sleep angry and depressed.

Pretty much, news in general has that effect on me. To Be Avoided AT ALL COSTS. I won't be renewing those subscriptions.

And thanks to the internet, I caught up on some Daily Show and Stephen Colbert videos this morning. That's what I should've been watching last night! Anyway, smile has been repaired back on face where it belongs. Thanks Jon! Thanks Stephen!

Now I can get on with the business of Summer! With Happy Children! Playtime 24/7!

Um, have I ever shared my favorite season? SUMMER! Favorite pastime: lounging with feet in water, be it pool, beach or slip n slide. just saying.

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