Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waiting for Halloween

"Is it October, yet?"

I get that question every morning, from April until it actually is October. Sometimes I think my boys would wish away summer if it meant Halloween came that much sooner.

Things really heat up in August, though. That's when they start sifting through all the new costume catalogs that come in the mail. They spend as much time as I allow them to be on the computer, surfing the net for the latest in Halloween fashion. Side by side, debating the merits of one over another, whether they should coordinate their outfits or each go their own way.

I once overheard them discussing whether Mom would be able to adjust a particular favorite that didn't come in a small enough size for the Pumpkin. And they've heard me go on about sale prices enough to at least notice if one of the many costumes to make The List might actually be on CLEARANCE.

While the Peanut weighs the pros and cons of each costume that catches his fancy, day after day, the Pumpkin makes his decision rather quickly. He even worked out which parts he wanted to order through the internet so he can get a box at the post office, and which weapon (there's ALWAYS a weapon of some sort) he wants to go pick out at the local party store. He rattles off the prices like a practiced huckster ... "it's ONLY $39.99! So can we get two? Please?"

I must say, though, no costume is ever a waste of money in this house. They dress up in their various costumes almost daily. I barely notice whether I have two little boys or Hulk and a Power Ranger when I go to the library anymore. Spiderman is often spotted adorning the sidewalk in front of our house with chalk art, and the Thing regularly accompanies me to Target, where he begs for candy.

And now we have our Swamp Monsters, a matched pair.

Now that the Halloween decor is on display at every single store in town, there's no such thing as a quick trip to get some milk. Not that I've had any quick trips since becoming a Mom, but now I have to account for at least an extra half hour so they can dissect every little spider web, gravestone and talking skeleton for authenticity. If it looks too plastic, it's Not Scary At All. If it makes the Pumpkin run away in terror, WE GOTTA HAVE IT!

Sigh ... at least the Christmas season gimme's don't last very long.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

My kids are starting early on Halloween this year. They don't usually start talking about it 'till mid Oct. Sounds like you guys are living Halloween!

p.s. I can't leave a store without checking out the skeletons. i love 'em for some reason.

Patti said...

We live Halloween at least six months out of the year!

The pumpkins are my favorite. I love a good jack-o-lantern.