Thursday, January 31, 2008

The chocolate that disappoints.

A funny thing happened today. After being away for a couple of weeks now, I received not one but two comments on my largely comment-less blog. One is a hello from an old cyber-friend, always welcome. (friendly wave to Perpetual Chocoholic!). But the other was an anonymous stop at an old, old, more than two years old, inconsequential post about a chocolate cake shake.

So I'm left pondering why someone would, first, be googling "chocolate cake shake" because that is the only way I can think of to lead someone to that post, first thing in the AM. And second, why click here? Ah, the ways of the chocoholic, we don't even understand each other. And I'm afraid Anonymous may not have found what he/she was looking for. I'm sure there's a much better post about Hershey's chocolate syrup around here somewhere ...

Because, that chocolate cake shake? I've tried it. The sensation of slurping soggy cake through a straw does nothing for me. Especially since it seemed to have lost its chocolatiness. What's the point? Give me a Jamocha with chocolate syrup drizzled over it.

Better yet, just give me the chocolate syrup.


Anonymous said...

Well, now you have a third comment. :-) I found you via a comment on Joshilyn Jackson's blog.

I love to see what people searched to find my blog. Right now it's mostly been spiders because I wrote about a wolf spider in my house a week or two ago, and for some reason that post keeps coming up on the search engines.

Anyway, if you're very curious, you can always add a stat counter to see how people find you.

Patti said...

That stat counter sounds very interesting. I wouldn't know where to start ... but I can always find out.

Thanks for stopping by, and do come back now!