Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun ... and when you're not. I'll tell you what's not fun: this housework-challenged homeschooling-mom-of-boys (of the stinky, smelly dinosaur-like variety) is now on high alert.

This House Is For Sale

Did we pick the right time or what? Actually the sign doesn't go up till Monday. And, hopefully, this Spring Snow will all be melted before then. (and I will have picked up the debris left by the Easter Bunny) And I have a whole week off for Spring Break (cause I'm the teacher and I SAID SO, that's why). And since there's just SO MANY great houses out there that I'd like to go look at, maybe make an offer ... just gotta sell this lil baby first.

Nothing like Joining the Crowd of spring home-sellers, along with last year's crowd that are still on the market. Yes it will be a CHALLENGE. Keeping the house "ready to show" will be the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.

But so is making the T-Rex share a bedroom with the Spinosaurus. And I'm not sure I can last another winter without a real playroom (not just toys strewn about the entire house, just waiting for me to trip over them and break some tiny but cherished item).

So while I pine for the home with three full bathrooms, I'm so very glad I only have two toilets to scrub for now. And NO FOOD IN THE LIVING ROOM!

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