Friday, June 06, 2008

Casualties of the Blustery Day

Ah, Summer is finally here.

I mean, it's really, really summer here. School's out. Our homeschool is also on summer break. The kids are out playing/fighting (whatever it is they do out there). It's 86 degrees outside, mostly cloudy and ... WINDY.

Just when it looks like everything in my gardens is in bloom at once, even the roses are budding, along comes our trusty blustery day to flatten it all. Oh, and we got showings, too, lots of 'em, thanks to St. Joseph planted in the back yard.

So the house is clean (looks like we've already moved, actually), the weeds are picked, the lawn is freshly mowed, (even my neighbors mowed, yahoo!) and my 40-inch tall irises are flattened. Before I had time to take pictures to prove that Yes, they are actually 40 inches tall. Maybe I can prop them up again after the wind dies down, if there's anything left.

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