Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hope for the Cynical Optimist

Politics is getting me down. Economics is getting me down. Well, at least we're having some nice weather.

I can't sell my house. Because there's too much inventory, and not enough buyers. Actually, there are plenty of buyers out there, they just can't get financing. And the perfect house for my family is probably sitting, vacant and abandoned to the elements, until I win the lottery. And that would be, oh ... directly related to the banking "crisis". Disaster is more like it.

So dig deep, oh thrifty taxpayers. All those new programs the presidential candidates want to put into action (another "stimulus" check? Why Thank You, Mr. President!) are just about being wiped out. Because the Big Men in Suits need a mind-boggling severance package to walk away from the mess they created. Don't worry, we can make it all better.

At least the sun is shining. Another perfect day to not be stuck in a classroom all day.

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