Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is the Election Already Lost?

Here's the cynic speaking: of course the last two Presidential elections were stolen. I mean, really, look what we got. Not once, but twice. Are the American people really that stupid? A lot of Europeans probably think so.

But the problem is, we're not that stupid. In fact, we have some of the smartest little innovators in the world. Unfortunately, those smartasses are working on ways to vote their pocketbooks. Reeeeally vote their pocketbooks. Look how much money the fat cats have been rolling in since Bush & Co took over. So why wouldn't they do it again?

Steal the election, I mean. I don't know if McCain is what they really want, he can be unpredictable. The maverick, he likes to call himself. I call it borderline dementia. We've had a president with Alzheimer's before ... we got Iran-Contra.

OK, enough babbling nonsense. There's some fact behind my doom and gloom. Before the election, there's a whole bunch of Republicans trying to de-register as many Democrats, and supposed-Democrats (if you live with or near Democrats, or are close in age) as possible, while the Democrats are trying to register more, and make sure everybody checks to make sure they are properly registered. Because if some clerk in some county office made a mistake, or forgot to have you check a box or initial someplace, you may not find out till you show up to vote. And they won't let you. Or maybe they will, but they won't actually count it. And fortheloveofgod PLEASE make sure you bring your driver's license/state ID with you. And then bring it back after you vote to make sure they count you. And then bring it back again a week later while they're working on the re-count. And send a copy, a COLOR copy, both sides.

I'm not kidding. Check it out for yourself:

So what are we going to do about it?

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