Saturday, November 08, 2008

How's It Going?

It should be going well. The novel, I mean. The whole Nano thing ... SHOULD be going well.

I mean, I have the dedicated time in the morning, not usually interrupted for at least an hour (as long as I get up early enough). I have nice quiet morning computer time. SHOULD be able to get in a thousand words or more. I also get in a few hundred more in the PM sometimes. For those who don't write really terrible first drafts, or anything at all, the trick is not in writing the words, it's in keeping them, not editing them out, which I am prone to do.

The subject ... this should be an easy one. (News Flash: I NEVER talk about my stories while I'm writing them, so this is a FIRST. Just sayin ... ) Simply put, I took one of the major aggravations of the past summer, namely the Neighborhood Posse, with all their personality quirks and fighting and playing and constant getting into trouble, and gave them superpowers, an unexpected stash of cash, some cool gadgets and some cranky adults to foil their plans. Should be PLENTY to write about.

Nobody said it has to be good, just make the work count, with a beginning, middle and end. If I make 50,000 before I get to the end, all the better. At 2000 a day, I would have been done in 25 days.

I'm a bit behind. By my calculations, I SHOULD be at 16,000.

I'm not even close. So here I go, back to the Posse.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I like your subject!

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