Monday, January 19, 2009

It Finally Warmed Up!

Ice Sculpture!

Yes, we needed it to warm up before we could complete our art project of the week. Here it looks like some kind of strange balancing act. We actually started it several days ago, but when the temps went below zero, it was too cold to build the final structure. So, yesterday, it got up to 14 degrees when I asked to boys to head out with me and check on our assorted pieces.
Since we used plastic cups and bowls for our molds, many of them were cracked and broken. But not my Tupperware! (good thing, I would've been a little miffed if I lost some Tupperware in the process).
The boys are so proud of their work, it is right out front, just steps off the sidewalk. I explained that I can't guarantee security for such a prominent position, but they insisted. So there it stands, for all to admire.
And admire they did! The whole neighborhood posse came out to see, and stayed to play. Until they, like the sculpture, were frozen solid (with lots of red faces!).
I just checked this morning ... it's still there.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That's cool! It was minus 40 here last week. I'm still defrosting!

Patti said...

My thermometer only goes to minus 25. Beyond that, does it really matter?