Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back to Reality, or is it Virtuality

Funny how the days just slip away, practically unnoticed. Monday turns into Friday, week after week, and it barely registers until the seasons change. Winter, cold, plan Florida vacation, April here, boom! head for airport. And finally ... slow down.

Or not. Not at Disney World, anyway. 

Because we didn't need to slow down. Day after day becomes the same old drudgery, and slowing down is not the answer. No, just a respite from the every day tasks of home and school and cooking and cleaning and driving and watching TV and checking email and reading and reading and writing and writing ... 

Yep, even the writing was put down for an entire week. And no computers. None. At. All.

Just walking and walking and shuttling and walking and eating (without cooking!) and riding little cars shaped like clamshells or teacups or spaceships or really fast roller coaster trains or floating log-shaped boats and hearing "it'sasmallworldafterall" in ten different languages over and over and over. And lots of strapping seat belts and pulling down shoulder braces to sit in seats that don't go anywhere but sure feel like they're soaring hundreds of feet over mountains and oceans or landing on Mars or engaging in a quick time travel to pick up a friendly dinosaur.

Total and complete escape from reality. I highly recommend it.

And now, as everyone says when they return from a vacation, it's Back to Reality. And back to life online, which is not exactly reality, is it? I returned to an unmanageable pile of email, most of which was unceremoniously deleted, oops! And while not exactly rested, I am certainly refreshed and renewed. But not ready to go back to the same old grind.

Ready for the home stretch of the school year, Yes. Ready to get outside and enjoy what's left of spring and look forward to sunny summer fun ... Yes Yes. Ready to spend hours reading every single email, following Tweets and updating Facebook, and reading every single blog on the World Wide Web? Save it for the insomnia.

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