Sunday, June 07, 2009

School's Out ... Now it's Me Time!

It's taking me all weekend to even get started, but I'm finally getting around to all the projects that have been on hold while we finish up the school year. 

1. Garden: Still digging. Since I dig out new plots completely by hand, with my trusty rusty shovel, it has to be done in little bits of time. Today I snuck out between what was supposed to be thunder storms, and turned out to be just a spot of rain, followed by clouds and temps on the cool side (perfect for manual labor) and I stopped just before the blisters formed (no need to wait for healing this time!) and then the sun came out. Perfect timing, for once in my life. And the next few days look to have much the same forecast, so as long as I get going in the am, this baby will be planted by week's end ... maybe.

2. Finish novel #1: It's going. That's all I've got to say for now.

3. Catch up with friends, playdates, email and online communications: Almost there. This week, for the friends, at least. The rest may take a bit longer, but I'm starting to get things under control, and some of the online stuff will have to be ... how you say ... weeded, thinned out, eliminated altogether. A person can only do so much. And when you're as organizationally-challenged as I am, well then, maybe not so much.

4. BetterU: Doing It! Even officially registered and everything. Goals in place, obstacles identified and dealt with. For some this is a program to help avoid heart disease. For me, sure it'll be good for my heart, but more specifically it is a PLAN to maintain the weight loss I've worked so hard at this spring. Even though I'm not exactly at my goal weight, I still need a plan to maintain this weight forever. Not just for the next decade, for the rest of my life (which should be quite a few more decades, if I do things right!). And the rest of me will reap the benefits, too. And really, how many of us have reached perfection, especially at this stage of life?!

You can join the program, too. Link below, click away!

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