Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know, it's not Tuesday ...

I said I would blog my BetterU stats on Tuesdays. One thing you should know about me, especially in the summertime, that days of the week are relative. I'm pretty good with "tomorrow" and "today", even "yesterday", but actual day names like Tuesday, are flexible.

So this is Week Two

Goals: 1.Eat at least 3 veggies every day. That's not going to be easy, because as in most things, I get lazy about meal prep. So I put some carrots in a clear plastic container, front and center in the fridge. I can't miss it. Of course, I'll get bored with carrots every day, but by then I should have a better strategy for adding in the veggies, besides salad (that was week 1 goal, which I still work on).
2. Push the elliptical machine up one level, making me work harder. Since I can't increase the time (it's at the Y, we have to share!) I can increase the exertion. Last week I added one more exercise to my routine, every other day, but I was forced to drop one. The rowing machine is out of order till further notice, as in, maybe they won't bother getting it fixed. So still tweaking my routines. That will continue to be a challenge, as I fight boredom, and complacency, and plateaus.

And I still have to come up with plans for a vacation week, and the impending closure of the Y. They're moving, and yes I will follow to the new one, but there will be down time in between, maybe up to two weeks. And also the switch from walking to the gym to driving. That'll eat up time, but not calories. No time to get complacent, I guess.

So that's my journey to a Better Me. Weight remains the same but the "tight" jeans are no longer tight, not even snug, will probably need a belt, actually. Time for a new pair of jeans? 

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