Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What day is this?

Oh, Wednesday ... again.

So ... what's new? Oh yeah, I'm updating here, my results, my week of being a BetterU kind of better me. Well, let's just say, goals achieved.

Yes I Did Have Three (count 'em, 1, 2, 3!) servings of vegetables every day. And my typical three fruits a day, because that's what I do. I eat. Plenty. Sometimes too much.

And increased resistance on the elliptical machine. That really wasn't very difficult. Not much of an effort, extra effort, that is. And so, for the reward, my very favorite Skinny Cows ... um, well, they're good. Very. Very. Good. And gone. Give me some credit, I actually made the box last two weeks, 2 1/2 weeks, actually. So there.

I need a better reward. One with no calories, doesn't cost too much, but one that'll entice me to work a little. And better goals, too. Because the almighty scale has settled quite comfortably on a plateau, and I'm not as comfortable there as the scale is. A plateau is a dry, hard, flat place. I would prefer to rest comfortably in a nice soft valley, maybe with a cool, bubbling stream nearby.

Goal 1. Swim, swim and swim some more. WHEN we ever get to the pool (Mr. Sunshine can help here) I will actually go into the water NO MATTER HOW COLD and swim. If there's room in the lap lane, then it's laps I will do. We'll start small, maybe 4 laps. We'll have to see how my shoulder holds up for this new activity. And, since this is weather-related, I will have to have an alternative ... still thinking.

Goal 2. Go back to my SparkPeople page and update. And keep up the food and fitness logs. SparkPeople is free, the logs are easy, detailed, maybe a tad time-consuming. If I jot things down on paper, then update once a day, that should work. Really, this may sound easy, but it is harder to keep up than to get started.

Reward: Hmmmm, suggestions?

On the plus side of activity, my raised bed garden is shaping up. The box is built, and settled into the ground (digging the holes twice counts as two workouts!). The birds and the bunnies have thoroughly investigated it, so I will be shopping for some good rabbit fencing soon, right after I get more garden soil. Yes, I need more dirt, before I can plant the two tomato plants that are quite happy on my kitchen windowsill. I have a sneaking suspicion that once I put them into the ground, that will be their demise. Oh well, there's still the seeds. And I'm still on schedule to get fully and completely planted before July 1st. So I'll be harvesting in October, what's wrong with that? We still have our farmer's market to get us through the summer.

But today is not shaping up into a pool day, once again. It may be a Bounce day. Dare I? Bounce with the boys? (shoulder says lifting weights this morning was quite enough thankyouverymuch and maybe we should just rest now) Then again, who needs Bounce. Not when you've got every Star Wars video ready to play back all those Light Saber duels, for re-enacting. Substitute remote for light saber when in close quarters, such as the living room. Not to mention the house rule that we do not extend our light sabers until we are safely OUTSIDE. We do not need any more laser markings on the walls or ceilings.

Hmmm ... I wonder how many calories I can burn with a good Light Saber duel?

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