Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekly Update, relatively speaking

The brain, she stayed at the beach. The Temp is not quite up to speed. And yet, there is work to be done. It only takes twice as long ...

I had to go back and read last week's goals. It's not like I actually worked at them. No, just keeping up with some regular strenuous exercise while on vacation and eating all kinds of Cape goodies was work enough. But I did manage a new recipe: homemade Bran muffins, (from my vegan friend, not sparkpeople, that's next though). Oh they are so good, especially with a touch of blueberry preserves, then heated a tad, JUST a tad. MMMM, hard to stop at just 1. So I keep them in the freezer. (nobody else around here wants them anyway)

Yoga? does not go well with Sinus Infection + Ear Infections. Might make a funny video for YouTube, but I prefer to maintain what's left of my dignity and keep both feet on the ground ... except when they are joining me in the backyard lounger. Which is where I prefer to spend the majority of my "recovery period". I've been told I have about 2 more days before the meds kick in and I actually start to feel better. So ...

Results are mixed, and no, I did not got back to that cute little boutique downtown and buy any jewelry. BUT, I did hit the ole internets up for some organic skin care. Since it's probably about 2 weeks away, via free shipping, that should be enough time to EARN a new reward. But how?

1. Ramp up the intensity 3x a week. I still have a couple days of rest ahead, but then I can sweat it out at the gym and at home with the boys the rest of the week. No problem.
2. The hard one: Plan Meals Ahead, Make Shopping List, Stick to the Plan.

I can do it. So far I've been pretty good at maintaining current weight, while still slimming the bod a bit here and there = Building Muscle. Always good, especially as the boys grow bigger and stronger ... I can still stay ahead for awhile longer.

And the best part? Salad/veggies is pretty close to becoming a Habit. Almost there, I won't know for sure till the seasons change and there's less fresh stuff to choose from at the store, once the farmer's market is closed. But still, looking like a habit from here. And ... big one ... at least one child hesitates and actually checks out what I'm eating before he says "no thanks". Baby steps.

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