Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Happy Better

Oh I know it's not Tuesday, not even Wednesday ... so what? I'm here, still working on my heart health, still shaping up and improving my eating habits. What are we on ... week 7, I think.

Results for the last week: Not good, not bad. I was sick. I could barely get to the gym. I could barely drive the car to go retrieve food for the family. And Yet ... weight stayed the same. Clothes appear to fit the same. And, even though recovery is slow (day 8 of antibiotics and I still hear the ocean in my right ear, but not much else), back at the gym things are going well. Look in my fridge and all you see is fruit, fruit, some veggies in the bottom drawer, more fruit. Fresh blueberries, sitting atop a mountain of watermelon slices, lounging next to the bowl of fresh pineapple. A pitcher of Sangria in the back (LOADED with fruit!). Yes, my fridge looks like a summer bounty, with nectarines, apples and plums rolling around the bottom shelf. All within easy reach of lazy children.

But I'm the only one enjoying all this natural sugar.

Goals for next week: Well, this week at BetterU the emphasis is on cholesterol. Lowering it. Which you really can't know if your efforts are working unless you actually have your numbers checked. And I'm not scheduled for my next check-up till the fall. But, since those numbers have never actually been a problem in the first place, I'm fine with doing the work, and just delaying the gratification. I'll know when I know.

But, one thing I am not doing, just not. I do not like margarine, and I will not replace real butter with that fake stuff. No. Just Not Doing It.

I don't use much butter for myself. DH has cut down, watching his own cholesterol, now barely uses much at all. Even the children use just a tad on their toast. To go and switch now, to something with a totally different flavor ... it's just wrong. Better for us to use the REAL THING, only sparingly. I use oil for cooking, mostly. And for baking? Try some vegan recipes, no butter at all. You would never know. Seriously!

There I go, bucking the system again. Going against the flow. NO, we are not giving up butter in this household! Moderation works way better than total denial.

So what AM I doing? Reading food lables for saturated and trans fats. Like that's anything new. I practically ELIMINATED those nasty trans fats a long time ago, with an occasional exception for the children. Maybe now they're gone for good. As for saturated fat, another infrequent visitor around here ... except for a few of the boys' favorite treats. But for me? Except for cookies, not really a fan. And I've been pretty good about the cookies, for the most part.

And for goal number 2: Find a new place to be active. The gym will be closing soon, the library is also closing, leaving me without that weekly library/playground meetup with friends. So, time to find something new to add to the mix. Most likely more walking, but I need to come up with some alternatives in less than ideal weather, as well. Because that happens, too.

Adding in a goal number 3 this week, at the suggestion of BetterU: Make a conscious effort to identify my negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Only because it seems like everybody has these sneaky little confidence-busters, so I must too. Right? I just don't know it.

It's the cookies! Or the penguins (they're taking over the world!)

Let's not forget rewards! Hmmm ... I did want to go to the County Fair this week ... but that's a minefield of saturated fat. Maybe not a good idea just yet. ENDORPHINS! YES! That is a good reward, happens nearly every day, when I put in the effort and go all out. But what about rewarding good eating, sticking with menus (like I nearly did last week), identifying those pesky negative thoughts?

Coffee with a good friend. (Black, nearly no calories) Lots of Laughs. Good One. And I TOTALLY Deserve it.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Is chocolate a fruit? I think so.

We try to cut out all of the trans fat. It's hard when we eat somewhere other than home. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of "Sunny D?" Someone gave some to my kids and I won't let them drink it now. Why does orange juice need vegetable oil in it I ask?

Patti said...

Some labels were just not meant to be read. ;)