Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making a buck off of Flu Season?

Get your flu shots! Every day!

Walgreen's on every corner, all advertising flu shots anytime, anyday. Target has it, CVS, the grocery store practically sticks you as you come through the revolving door. All accept cash.

My medical clinic, staffed by real doctors and nurses, where my insurance is accepted in lieu of cash, has no flu shots available. Sorry. Try Walgreen's.

Isn't that where I'll be purchasing my various flu symptom relievers? When I get the flu, that is, because I can't seem to get the shot, as covered by my health insurance ... (so much for my excellent coverage).

Oh I know, the insurance companies have screwed more people out of their life savings until they just die and poor lil ole me just wants to NOT get sick. I'm not asking for much. Or am I?


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

They can't make up there minds what they want us to do. They have enough swine flu vaccine for all Canadians. At first we were to get both the seasonal and swine flu shots. Now they say just the swine flu shot cause if you get both you may be more suseptible to swine flu. Oh ya, and make sure to get the swine flu shot even though we aren't sure the vaccine is even safe. We'll keep working on it to determine if it is but make sure you get it in the mean time. Not to mention that they have never accurately predicted what the prevelant flu for any year would be. I just don't bother. I feel safer that way.

Patti said...

We have swine flu in our area, but no vaccine yet. But the county health dept will give it free when they get some (under age 24 only). The seasonal vaccine has worked for us in the past, so for now I just have to be vigilant. It's going to be a long winter. :(

Eric said...

In Mass they've decided to give the H1N1 vaccine to prison inmates first because, you know, they deserve it.
Supposedly they don't want prisoners to give it to the general population, but I say just give it to the correctional officers instead so the inmates won't get it (except from visitors) or bring it home.

Patti said...

Nooo, say it isn't so!

not exactly.

Update for our family: County Public Health ran out of seasonal vaccine for children. H1N1 clinic in 2 weeks ... just for the kids. Must be 1st in line, I guess.

Eric said...

Well, that's good then! The outrage had been all over the local news until that clarification. With all the coughing and sneezing in my office, I'm surprised I'm not dead yet.