Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friends and (internet)neighbors just helping out

Today I am feeling grateful. Especially grateful for friends who listen (or just read my emails) and care, and want to fix things even when I have to fix it myself. Thanks guys!

And grateful to strangers on the internet. Particularly those unselfish techie folks who help out complete strangers with free advice. Kudos to, whose mission is to make life easier for the un-tech who must depend on their computers, "no strings attached". Really and truly! And for the moderately-techie, they are indispensable. Also, since I practically need to be hit over the head three times before I get it,, and the great minds at also led the way back to a working computer.

You see, in this family, the computers are my responsibility. Yes, we have too many but I still back them all up! I've known them, lived with them most of my life, taken them apart and put them back together, and banged the crap out of them when I needed to. Yup, it's my job to make sure that everyone in this family is connected at all times. And yet, it's that pesky internet connection that trips me up every time and I gotta get my husband to fix it, cause if I have to call Comcast, they'll disconnect the entire house and then EVERYBODY gets upset.

Thanks to, I only took 4 evenings out of my busy week (and a few mornings, too) to completely eradicate the pestilence that had invaded my son's laptop. It's supposed to be an educational tool, but he has learned myriad ways to download anything and everything his little heart desires. McAfee Antivirus has met its match, and lost.

Oh, and did I mention ... I did not have to pay any money. None. Nada. And still, all that wonderful free advice comes with a pleasant little "have a nice day" just for the heck of it.

The Peanut is back in business, downloading and uploading and searching for stuff to do, to play, to buy. And I'm having a nice day.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Our house would be in trouble if the computer stuff was up to me!

Eric said...

I'm the computer guy here too. I also recommend It covers computers and just about everything else.