Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays ... All of Them!

The Holiday Season started early around here .... waaaaaay early (like Halloween!), and it's been nonstop fun ever since. Yep, just one fantastic holiday after another. After Halloween we embarked on a celebration-a-day, with Sandwich Day and Guy Fawkes Day and Chaos Never Dies Day and Veterans Day and World Kindness Day followed by World Peace Day (didn't work, send more troops) and Children's Day and Go For A Ride Day and Thanksgiving and Black Friday (next year it's Buy Nothing Day, promise!) and Red Planet Day and ... that was just the month of November.

Then we started in on Santa's List Day, St. Nicholas Day, Pearl Harbor Day, National Ding-a-Ling Day, St. Lucia's Day, National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (didn't think I was going to miss that one, did you?), and Chanukah and Humbug Day and Winter Solstice and tonight we have Festivus (which is also my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!). There's still Christmas Eve and Christmas and Boxing Day and New Year's Eve (and probably one or two I'm skipping). Once we get into the New Year, though, I'm calling a moratorium on holidays. Just way too much fun going on here.

So when I say Happy Holidays to you, I mean I hope you are enjoying every single holiday you can scrape out of an otherwise cold and grey season. The days start to get longer, and hopefully sunnier soon, and I'll be clearing a path through the debris left over from all the revelry for at least the next month. Maybe I'll even finish the laundry.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Merry Christmas!