Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A bit of this, a splotch of that

First, I have to say ... does anyone else have trouble concentrating with Super Mario Bros theme music playing over and over again in the background? Hmmm? Or how about Donkey Kong Jungle Beat? All those bananas make me hungry all the time.

Tonight it's Rabbids Go Home. I may have to try that one. In secret, when nobody shorter than me is around to witness my apparent inability to control the controller.

And thanks to a recent re-do, as in trade in a desk for a smaller desk substitute, thereby moving my "workspace" from one side of the room to the other, and resulting in said background music pummeling its way into the back of my head, there has been a marked decrease in output. Which means I've been dithering away my time watching pointless you-tube videos and catching up on the all-important FB updates. Oh, and deleting just about every original idea that pops into my head that actually gets typed on a nice blank space here. Delete.

Not going to do that tonight. Well, not too much anyway.

Called my senators today. Yep. I was afforded the opportunity to have an impact on impending healthcare legislation by leaving a message. I'm so underwhelmed.

I tried. And even though I did not fail my stated goal, I still feel like so much of an insignificant peon. Thankyouverymuchohesteemedsenators. Seriously, can we just fire the whole bunch of 'em and start over?

How 'bout them Olympics?! Go World! And for the record, YES I do watch figure skating. The commentary from the Peanut/Pumpkin gallery added a humorous twist, particularly the ice dancing. Note to ladies: too much makeup makes you look OLD! And what's with the men and their Hair Wars? Did Blue Lagoon guy get extra points for difficulty?

It's late. It's snowing. Again. In December it was pretty, and fun and festive. In January, I could still see the beauty in new fallen snow. Now I just want Spring. Now. Sun. Warmth. Now.

my toes are freezing.

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