Thursday, March 11, 2010

An internet vacation

Yes, I did it. I took a real vacation, an entire week with no internet. And proved to myself that I am not addicted.

It was easy, actually. Simply made sure I had enough memory for my camera to hold all the photos I planned to take, so I wouldn't need to download them to the computer until I got home. My dear husband made sure he also would not need any computer, so we didn't even bring one. And since I never did get the data plan for my phone, there's no temptation to log on there, either.

As for temptation, apparently we're not supposed to travel without our internet gadgets. Airports had wi-fi signs everywhere, even charging stations. Good for business travelers, but not good for vacationing families, especially if somebody has trouble dis-connecting. And American Airlines has taken it to the next level ... wi-fi in the air. No, not kidding. Now you have no excuse not to keep your head buried in your Crackberry for the entire duration of your flight, except for take-off and landing, of course. It's only a matter of time before we're all permanently tethered to the world wide web.

I'll give Disney props for keeping their internet references to a minimum. Even the Photo Pass photographer said to log on "when you get home" to see the photos. A wise suggestion to just keep on having fun. Which we did. At least we tried.

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