Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moving in the right direction

I haven't been to the gym all week, and I feel great! Okay, not really great. I've used muscles that have been in retirement for far too long, and they are screaming! But even though I haven't really "dieted", there has been change for the better. Numbers heading down to where they belong. Just a smidge, but in the right direction. (No I haven't weighed myself, I don't have a scale. I'm going by the Almighty Tape Measure)

Yes, this new program I started is truly Insanity. When half the "class" is dropping, I don't feel so bad that I can't even begin to keep up. But I can keep getting back up and keep at it. And I've done more push-ups than I ever thought possible!

At the gym, I'm my own trainer. Even the occasional times when I've used a personal trainer, nobody ever pushed me this hard. And that's the whole point. Everybody says No Pain, No Gain, but I've never seen anybody at the gym, including the Boot Camp classes, push themselves to the point of failure. Yes, seriously smacking my face into the mat when I thought I could do one more push-up, then getting back up and trying again.

I get up early, don't have to wait for anybody, don't have to drive anywhere, don't have to be cheerful and chit chat in the locker room, don't have to wait for any equipment, don't have to clean off any machines, don't have to remember my tunes ...just get dressed and push play. Right in my own livingroom I have a high intensity cardio workout, with a motivating trainer. Every day is different, so I'll never get bored. And all done in less than an hour, including warm-up and stretching. And if we head out on a road trip, I can take it with me.

I may never go back to the Y.

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