Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Best of Summer

The best part of summer is the heat. Because cooling off is So Much Fun.

1. Fudgesicles. I made some of my own last night and I can't wait to try them! Recipe from Baking Bites right here: http://bakingbites.com/2010/08/homemade-fudgsicles/
Of course there are tons and tons of fudgesicle recipes all over the place, so feel free to hunt down your own favorite. I'll probably give a few different ones a try and post results here.

2. Pool. Swimming. Whether doing laps for exercise or just a soak in the roped off 18+ section (Yes, I go to the public pool, do not have my own here). My Pool Pass is my most treasured possession when the temp goes up to , oh, 75?

3. Frogs. and Tadpoles. Because they are in water and to catch them you most certainly will get wet and icky and then have to go swim in the pool again. And because my boys like to go frog hunting. You can substitute fishing here if you want, but I object to hooks on the grounds that they usually end up embedded in somebody's thumb. Usually mine.

4. Beach. If I lived close enough to one to actually spend summer days there it would be #1. But I usually manage to get there at least once a year (stretching out summer into fall, winter, spring, whatever). Sand is icky you say? Oh go wash it off in the water!

5. Snow Cones. Because I really do need another blue stain on my favorite T-shirt. Yes, ice is always good on a hot summer day, especially when covered in red or blue chemicals that are Very Very Sweet.

6. My gardens. Yes, I get all hot and sweaty when playing in the dirt. Then I can head for the pool again. And I get to enjoy this:

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Kris @ Attainable Sustainable said...

Those roses are beautiful!