Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My favorite time of day

Nice quiet morning.

It helps that the sun is shining. Nothing like the threatening storms we've been having, clouds, clouds and more and darker clouds. Just blue sky and peace and quiet.

It'll all be blown to hell in a handbasket in just a few moments ... when the carpet cleaners get here. Have you ever heard the noise of their machines? Even though it's early and the kiddos are still blissfully sleeping (and one of them may even sleep through all the noise!) ... soon the day will be full of noise and chaos and machines and ... and ... noise.

And then they'll be gone and my carpets will be clean again. And we'll re-arrange the furniture and then it'll be time to clean out the fridge and get ready for yet another serviceman and his clutter and chaos.

My house is very small. There's isn't much room to maneuver when there's more than three people in it at a time. Yes, I know, we have four of us living here, but we manage to spread out. Or get outside and use that as an extra room. But when you add in moving around large appliances or heavy-duty machinery and industrial hoses and such it gets ... claustrophobic. And the noise! We just don't have the room to hold all that noise!

I'll just step outside while you take care of that. Yes, I'll just be right outside the door, looking for a little bit of peace and quiet.

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