Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the old ...

Last day of the year.

Tomorrow's another day. Every Sunday begins a new week. But tomorrow begins a whole new year. We start anew, or we can keep on doing things the same old way. My way. I don't really do resolutions, more like a few goals here and there.

Number one, fix my shoulder problem. Which means letting go, letting someone else take charge (letting my little therapist find the most painful spot and DIG IN). So far it's working. Add in a little patience for good measure.

Right now I feel like a lot of other things will fall into place once I'm no longer dealing with "oh-I-can't-do-that" or "ow-it-hurts-I-should-go-lie-down" and a bunch of other excuses for not getting shit done. And a little daily post will make it all better.

That's my second challenge of the year. I feel like I can sit here long enough for a quick post at least once a day. So maybe some days it will be short. Some days will be totally nonsensical. But once a day, every day, I will stop by and say Hello. Or something like it.

Off to ring in the New Year with friends and loved ones ... Happy New Year One and All!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Whew! Made it!

Not that The Holidays are over or anything, but the work is, for the most part. Now I'm left with clean up. There's still time for ringing in the New Year, which brings a few more chores with it ... update my calendar.

Oh yeah, need to get that new calendar. I always seem to wait till the last minute to turn over to the New Year. You know how you can get a calendar that starts in September and goes for 16 months? Well I never get around to putting that one up until January anyway, so those first few months are just wasted on me. And come next January, I still need a new calendar.

So what I need is a calendar that starts in January, and ends in September, when I will be forced to put up that 16-month calendar. They should come as a set, so that you're covered for two years.

Or I could just update my Google calendar and forget about posting the paper one in the kitchen altogether. That's it ... go completely electronic. Which I've tried. And will try again.

I got a Kindle for Christmas, so that should help me go electronic, right? Not really, just gives me more stuff to read. Endless stuff to read. I will never be without something to read. And it fits in one of my new notebooks, so until that gets filled up, I will never be without something to read or write.

Life is good. Even without organizing my calendar.