Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I am a Writer

Day 1 of Becoming a Great Writer Series ... to declare to all the world that I am indeed a writer.

It says it right up there in the title of my blog: Writes for Chocolate. Well, I guess I could be more specific, I write for money, too. And hugs. But money is good.

And I currently have no other occupation that pays in money. Homeschooling Mom, well that is full-time for the next several years still to come. But there's room for Writer. More room every day, in fact.

So here I am, world. A Writer. A published writer, with a bunch of UFO's (unfinished objects), also known as WIP's (works in progress), in various stages of completion. And still scribbling away. The weirdo at the baseball game with a notebook always open, pen in hand. Yeah, even in church, when I go. And even on days when I actually write nothing down, just let it bounce around in my head. Still writing.

And teaching the next generation to write. Just write. Whether they choose to become writers is up to them.

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