Saturday, July 07, 2012

Brain melt

A girl's gotta know her limitations. Mine is 105.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining about the heat. I actually LIKE it. I go outside just to sit in it and wrap myself in its warmth. Easy to say when the power is on, and the central air is working just fine, so no one in the family is the least bit uncomfortable. Ok, so the upstairs gets a little warm for sleeping, but not too warm. There's always the living room sofa for anyone who can't take it upstairs. Because downstairs it is actually chilly. Sweatshirt chilly.

So I like the heat. And a little walk isn't going to hurt anybody, right?

So I did The Shopping today. The Big Shopping of the week, that I hate to do because even though I spend all week on my lists and coupons, I always forget half of what we need. And I hate to drive around to a bunch of stores, so I shop at the supermarket next door to Target. That about covers everything. Except today I needed a printer cartridge from Office Max ... all the way down the opposite end.

The temperature on my thermometer, located on my shady front porch, read 105 as I headed out the door.

Of course I walked. Past Target, which blasted me with cool air from their automatic doors, thanks much. Past TJ Maxx, which also shot me a quick blast, where I paused for just a second before resisting the urge to go inside, and then on past some financial investment firm which did NOT offer a complimentary blast of cool air. Stingy SOB. Famous Footwear was no better, and even longer. By now I was practically hugging the wall to stay in the 12 inches of shade alongside the building. The sun was gunning for me, and the breeze was neither cool nor refreshing. Think 105 degrees of hot air blowing at your face.

Still I walked on, past Party City and PetCo (where the pets go), until finally I reached my destination. Office Max greeted me with refreshing cool air and I automatically headed for the printer cartridges, where I always start my shopping. I use a lot of printer cartridges. Of course I know where they are.

I stopped in front of the HP display and stared at the masses of printer cartridges, and my mind went blank. Whatever information I had about what cartridge I needed to buy had melted away, probably back at Party City but we'll never know. I looked around hoping the familiar packages would spark a memory, but I came up blank. I had no idea what kind of printer I had or what color I needed. Or even if I needed one or two colors. Nothing.

I left empty-handed.

I returned to Target and Dominicks to finish the shopping, following my lists, unloading my coupons and regaining my confidence. It was just a momentary lapse, I was fine, I could handle this heat. As I entered Dominicks, a dripping employee cheerfully announced that the heat index in the parking lot was actually 120, as she pushed in a line of freshly baked shopping carts. Good to know.

I returned home, had the boys unload the loot while I confronted the printer that refused to print, pen and paper in hand. I'm no good without a list, even for a simple printer cartridge. And here is where I noticed something very important: I do not now, nor have I ever (in nearly 20 years of printer ownership) owned an HP printer.

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