Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sponge Painting

It takes both creativity and energy to set up any kind of art projects around here. So I was quite proud of myself yesterday for taking advantage of tv time and using it to cut up some sponges into neat little shapes ... for painting.

I cleared the table and covered it with newspaper. Removed any extraneous furniture (to avoid having to clean up the inevitable splatters), got out glitter paint (because who can refuse GLITTER PAINT?!), got the whole place set up nicely for them and then ... when their show was over I announced: Who wants to paint?

Usually that's like asking for a stampede of elephants. But not this time. They casually walked over to the table, saw the sponges, sat right down and began to build with them. Monsters. Robots. A castle.

At least I took pictures before I cleaned up.

1 comment:

Running2Ks said...

How much was body paint? LOL!