Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Part II (and stuff)

Yeah I missed church ... did you really think I would remember to turn the clocks ahead? Or even after I got up late, would I figure out on my own that I forgot to Spring Ahead? Not a chance. That's dh's job, and he does it well. Once I figured out what time it really was, and with the boys still asleep, all that was left was the "mad dash" if we were going to get there in time. And I really hate the mad dash. I'd rather clean the kitchen.

Maybe that's why I homeschool ... avoiding the mad dash every morning. Works for me.

Except sometimes I throw in a mad dash of my own to fit a gym workout into my morning. Which is working fabulously at the moment. Really, truly, up another 4 pounds. Building muscles on top of muscles, I sure am. On top of the fat, too, I'm sure.

I'm tracking the food and fitness goals on Sparkpeople, measuring portions even, counting calories, fat grams, fiber and water and all kinds of stuff. And according to their counters, I'm within my goal range. And my jeans are just as tight as always.

But I like how I feel after a workout. And I sleep reeeal good. So ... maybe next week I actually get to lose some weight. A girl can dream.

And Spring Is Coming ... Today! Yes, I will be OUTSIDE, enjoying the Best Day of the Year (so far). So ... I'm going ... outside ... like, now ...

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