Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A frog hunting we will go

We've been enjoying some beautiful spring weather here lately. I guess we've pretty much earned it, as we usually expect spring to show up in March ... it's May already! So, anyway, nice weather beckons us outside.

And there again, another reason I love homeschooling. First thing in the morning, after all the schoolbuses have passed, we head out for the nearest pond. Equipped with boots, buckets, and our trusty wagon loaded with various "supplies" (the kind only a pre-schooler would need), we make our way down the street in the bright sunshine.

Our mission: to catch a frog.

After a couple hours watching the big ones splashing out in the deeper water, we settled for some water samples that might contain tadpoles. Teeny tiny tadpoles, that might grow big enough for us to see. They are now separated into some smaller plastic cups that we can inspect more closely with magnifying glasses. Which they do several times a day.

Still not sure if we have any tadpoles, but we sure do have some interesting creatures swimming around. And we can always go back for more.

As soon as the boots dry out.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You need to head over to goofyj's blog at

She catches frogs in formal wear!

We all love heading out to the swamp for a good hunt too. Funny, I love frogs, but tadpoles give me the willies!