Thursday, July 03, 2008

Authentic Smoky Flavor

I admit I'm not the best cook around, but at least I try. I'm always trying out new recipes, even though my family usually just turns their nose up, or makes faces, or just says "Gross!". And I'm always trying to save money, cooking from scratch, cooking in bulk .... oooh there's a disaster just waiting to happen.

Cooking in bulk means when you make a mistake, it's a BIG one. So when I dumped out an entire bag of garbanzo beans to soak the other night, ... ok, so I can't screw up overnight soaking. But then they had to simmer for more than an hour. And for the first hour everything was fine, I was in the kitchen, preparing breakfasts and generally cleaning up. But then I got busy with something else and forgot all about the beans, until ...What's that smell?

It wasn't that bad. Only the bottom layer was burned. There was still a big pot of beans, all cooked and ready to go. Except for that "burned" taste. Which is really just Authentic Smoky Flavor. Threw in some corn, chopped tomatoes, topped with barbecue sauce ... Voila! It was actually quite good.

And now we all have a new recipe to bring to those summer cook-outs!

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