Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raising Entrepreneurs

Pumpkin: Mom, can I have a pink lemonade stand today?

Mom: We don't have any pink lemonade.

Pumpkin: So make some! I'm gonna charge $2 a cup.

Mom: That better be a really big cup.

Pumpkin: These ARE big cups (shows 5 oz dixie cup)

Mom: Who's going to buy it at that price?

Pumpkin: You will!

Peanut: My box came! Now I can sell my Fart Bomb bags and make some money! Pumpkin, how much money do you have?

Mom: Let your brother try out a couple for free. OUTSIDE! Go sell them to other people's kids.

Peanut: Okay, I can sell some to Nice Girl and Pretty Girl and Brother and Sister next door ...

Mom: How about selling them to kids whose parents don't know where to find me?

(just doing my part to support the economy)

1 comment:

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

At first glance my eyes read that he was going to make pink pumpkin lemonade. I need a holiday!