Sunday, July 06, 2008

Playing House or whatever they're calling it now ...

Apparently, playing "house" has changed with the times. With blended families being so common, they've even made it into the neighborhood play time. We are not a blended family, by the way, just your garden variety, Mom and Dad, married forever, with two sons. I can't be sure about the rest of the neighborhood. Really, I don't ask their playmates parents, "Are you married to so-and-so's father, and if not, are there any step/half-siblings?"

I get my best information by watching the "game", and listening: Peanut played Dad, only he was a single father with a teenage daughter, Nice Girl. Pretty Girl was Mom, also single, with a little boy, Pumpkin. Nice Girl orchestrated the whole thing, including a scene to get her "Dad" to ask out the "Mom" on a date. All while pretending the that real Mom (me) isn't out there watching the whole thing.

I give them as much "privacy" as I can, all while still supervising the little guy ... so I'm still privy to the game even though I try to blend in, pretend to be writing ... oh wait, that's exactly what I'm doing.

The faked accident to get Pretty Girl's attention was a hoot (they're out on their scooters, just coasting along). Peanut is no actor, and also totally embarassed to be courting a lady right in front of his mother. I keep seeing his mouth saying "stop looking at me", while Nice Girl is really getting into character as a teenager telling her Dad how to get a date.

Too bad it's lunchtime, I was hoping for a wedding. But then again, they'd probably move in together first, anyway.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

My brother is engaged to a woman 8 years his senior (she's now 41) with two early teen children. He has an instant family and they will never have their own children together. That's been taken care of on her part. I'm sad to see that I won't have any neices or nephews.