Thursday, July 24, 2008

Buzz cut

Summer's whizzing by, and still no buyers for this wonderful home in a peaceful neighborhood. Peaceful now that the loud, obnoxious neighbors have been removed to other ... um, locations. And the house is cleaned out, vacant. So no one lives there.

So why is their lawn now getting mowed every two days? They hardly ever mowed it while they lived there, during the rainy season, when it grew faster than the corn on the farm. Now we are having our dry season (no drought this year, but still, a little dry). The grass doesn't grow much anymore, even turns a little brown between showers ... and there's a lawn service, or another neighbor, or some stranger out there almost every day mowing the lawn.

Mostly when I'm outside trying to enjoy the little peace and quiet, and maybe write a little.

So how long before one of them notices it isn't growing anymore?

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