Monday, October 20, 2008

Cast your vote, and let it go

Man, this election is driving me crazy. Or it was. Until I voted.

I'm done now. No more watching politics on TV. Pretty much means no more TV, the kids have free rein until the very end! And no more political emails or blogs, either. Done, don't forward it to me, don't even ask me to read it. Just go vote and get it over with.

Gotta love early voting! Everyone should try it ... vote early, vote often (as in every election, c'mon!).

I'm done now. On to Nano in November! ... maybe.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You know, I'm a Canadian living in Canada and I'm sick of hearing about your election! It's constant! To make things worse, we ran ours at the same time. The nice thing was though, that once the Govenor General calls the election at the Prime Ministers request, it has to be held within a month of the call. Quick and easy. We were done mid October.

Patti said...

Yes it is constant, as in I've already seen the talk about 2012! Just Let It Be Done Already!!!

my apologies to my Canadian friends who know how not to beat a dead horse. Any room up there for more?